John F. Kennedy was assassinated by the CIA;.....by Fidel Castro; .....by Jimmy Hoffa;.....by drug smugglers;.....by the Tri-lateral Commission; .....by robots controlled by aliens from outer space.

The Tri-lateral Commission is controlled by aliens from outer space whose symbol is the triangle.

The Tri-lateral Commission wants one-world to control.

The white race controls modern art; men control women's outsides; women control men's insides and children; children are also controlled by aliens from outer space.

Whites control blacks. Blacks control music. Jews control money. Money controls modernity. Loudness controls softness. Christians control God. Men control Christians. Jesus was an alien posing as a man therefore aliens control whites, blacks, jews, money, god, christians, modernity and loudness.

Every major city is catacombed underneath with tunnels. All these tunnels are connected. A secret race of humans uses these tunnels to subjugate those on the surface. We live on the surface of the earth therefore we are controlled by a secret race of humans.

All of the world's leaders have been replaced by organic robotoids. They rapidly decay physically and mentally and have to be replaced every six months. One eye is always darker and contains a video apparatus. The Russians first started using them. Perhaps I am mistaken here: perhaps the aliens are using them.

There is a secret government that controls the world and has for many hundreds of years.

There is a secret government that is controlled by robot aliens from outer space. They do not care what happens to me.

The U.S. government is secretly building flying saucers.

We already have bases on the moon and mars. The space program is used to siphon off money in order to control people.

The world will destroy itself in the year 2010 and only a small number of people will be allowed to escape.

We are surrounded and penetrated by an invisible world. My name is Laura. My name is Robert. My name is Richard. My name is Tim.

Nobody really dies. Nobody really goes to heaven.

AIDS is a disease engineered by the U.S. government and first administered by the World Health Organization. Who?

Jesus was an organic robotoid from outer space; so was Moses.

AIDS will kill off 75% of the world's population before the cure is released.

Things are much worse than anybody knows or can know. So be happy.

Ordinary humans are being bred with aliens from outer space.

Electronic Space Societies have invaded earth and are implanting control mechanisms in human brains. They do this by RHIC-EDOM which stands for Radio Hypnotic Intracerebral Control and Electronic Dissolution of Memory. Subsequent control is by light beam.

The CIA puts implants behind the ears of its agents in order to locate them from satellites.

Memory is the self.

There are a thousand points of light.

I feel that I am on the verge of doing something.

Some aliens, the Rigelians, have one lung and no sex organs. Radiation causes insanity in these beings.

In the Eighteenth century the alien Xenu came to inhabit the body of Adam Weishaupt who created the Illuminati who took over the Catholic church and Europe.

In the nineteenth century Xenu took over the Rothschild banking family. In the twentieth century Xenu took over Franklin D. Roosevelt and made Truman drop the atomic bomb.

In the late 1950's Xenu was director of the International Monetary Fund. His body is now that of a man of 90 who walks with canes and is crippled on the right side.

Humans are being replaced by synthetic people.

A mountain sized boulder from outer space is on a collision course with earth.

Perhaps I am mistaken. Perhaps this is the invasion force of aliens we have been waiting for.

Robert Cheatham