Pronunciation Key  (hahn-tol-uh-jee) n.

1. a neologism coined by philosopher Jacques Derrida which, in French, is a pun on ontology and refers to the paradoxical state of the specter, which is neither being nor non-being.


Public Domain, Inc. is pleased to announce the call for PERFORATIONS 29. Guest editor for this issue will be Dr. Thomas Mical, Carleton University School of Architecture.

As usual with perforations, deadlines are somewhat fluid but please notify Thomas Mical or Robert Cheatham of your intent by February 15 2007 in order to be included in the release notification.

Article length is at your discretion. Experimental hypertexts are especially welcome. Other forms of media, video, etc., may have length restrictions, please cc media editor Chea Prince or technical editor, Jim Demmers. If you have any questions please query one of the editors.


Guest Editor: Dr. Thomas Mical thomas_mical@carleton.ca

Senior Editor: Robert Cheatham zeug@pd.org

Technical Editor Jim Demmers jdemmers@pd.org

Media Editor: Chea Prince cprince@pd.org


Hauntologies, or Spectral Space
Call for Submissions

This issue of Perforations asks for informed speculations in art, literature, architecture, and aesthetics concerning the ethereal others which are never quite present or absent : including uncanny presences outside the frame of representation, anamorphic blurs of concepts or images; leaking, stained, or spectral spaces, disappearing figures or soluble identities; of all that sometimes works like miasmas, pneumas, and vapors; and all possible manifestations of specters (real or imaginary). This includes speculative revenants of repetitions of all sort including catastrophic trauma (the spectral delays/deferrals of Freudian 'nachtraglichkeit') as well as any embeddings of notions of 'eternal return,' as having hauntological portent for communities and thought to come.

In its entirety, the issue seeks to selectively map an ephemeral cartography (a haunto-topography) of the range of barely discernible ghosts, these "ontological specks" or "pathological kernels", that traverse the instrumental Cartesian worldview of "clear and distinct" entities. Authors are asked to chase and capture the multiple potential meanings and effects of their favorite ontological spectre. ----------------------------------------- Formed in 1991 to examine issues of theory, art, culture and community in a saturated age of technical media, Perforations is perhaps the longest continuously running journal on-line.

The call for perforations 30, HUT TECH, will be released soon.

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